Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia, Release Date, Price

Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia, Release Date, PriceThe Touring SP and Asaki LE have been added to the Mazda CX 8 lineup for the 2023 model year in Australia. On top of the Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia lineup in 2023, a new Asaki LE model comes with a six-seat layout similar to that of the larger CX 9. Quilted Nappa leather seat upholstery in Chroma Brown or Pure White covers the interior of this model’s cabin. The wide console between the second-row seats, two cup holders, USB charging, and buttons for the heated and ventilated functions adds to the model’s great appeal.

New SUV models from Mazda are not going anywhere. The new 2023 Mazda CX 8 will be available shortly, along with the CX 3, CX 5, and CX 9. This North American-targeted SUV has seven seats. Because it was first released in 2023, the CX 8 has only been around for a short time. For this reason, Mazda has decided to hold off on making significant alterations and improvements.

However, a momentous event is about to take place. At the end of next year, Mazda aims to start manufacturing in the United States. The 2023 Mazda CX 8 will continue to sport a sleek design and a luxurious cabin. It has a diesel engine, which is more than adequate, and it performs admirably.

The CX 8, like the CX 9, is a visual treat. Like the CX 4’s sportier stance, the lower profile, more arching back end, and shorter rear overhang gives a tighter, more sporty look and feel. According to the company, creating something that was both modern and timeless was Mazda’s goal. Additionally, the designers sought a more upscale vibe through careful color and material selection.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Redesign

Exterior Design

The Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia will bear a striking resemblance to the current CX 9 model. It has the same front fascia and the same overall form. Aside from a few minor differences, the grille and headlights are identical. CX 8, on the other hand, features more prominent wheel arches and more stylish body lines. The CX 8’s taillights are horizontal instead of vertical, with less overhang.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia Exterior
Mazda CX 8 2023 Exterior

Because the mid-size SUV segment is still relatively new, Mazda is unlikely to make significant adjustments. The CX 8 measures 192.9 inches long and 72.4 inches high. Because of this, the CX 8 is smaller than the CX 9. Despite its lack of originality, we must acknowledge that this vehicle appears current.

The new chassis will include a front-mounted straight-six engine that sends power to the rear wheels. For some, an FR SUV may appear to be the kind of boost needed in the world’s most popular, though polarizing, car sectors.

Interior Design

The CX 9 model’s inside will be redesigned. The Mazda CX 8 for North America in 2023 is a perfect example of why this move makes sense. At first glance, the dashboard appears more frothy. The vents are located on the dashboard’s front. The speedometer and tachometer are part of the instrument cluster’s three gauges. In addition, there is a driver-information display situated directly next to the group.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia Interior
Mazda CX 8 2023 Interior

There are extra thumb buttons on the two-spoke steering wheel. The shifter is centered correctly and has been shifted slightly toward the center of the instrument panel. The interior has a high-end feel throughout, from the door trim panels to the carpeting. There are four Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia trim levels to choose from, and each one is comfortable. The standard Nappa leather upholstery and natural wood elements are offered in two trims. Two trim options come with cloth seats and plastic accents as a starting point. Despite the SUV’s seven-seat capacity, a six-seater version of the CX 8 is also available.

The CX 8, which is slated to follow the CX 5/CX 50, may also be built on the same platform. According to the report, the venue will be used in an SUV with three rows of seating. Mazda is also considering making a crossover SUV version of the new CX 8. The SUV-coupe market has increased in recent years, evidenced by the coupe-like styling of the most current Toyota Harrier. This could be Mazda’s answer to Toyota’s most popular vehicles in Japan.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Engine

The Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia body is identical to that of the CX 9; however, it will not use the CX 9’s engine. The CX 8 SUV has a 2.2-lt diesel engine instead of the 2.5-lt engine. In several Mazda models, we have already seen this engine in action. The performance can be improved with a few modifications, but not considerably.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia Engine
Mazda CX 8 2023 Engine

The old version had 172 horsepower, and the new one will have 187 horsepower, making it the most powerful version yet. There is no need for additional torque, as the car has 310 lb-ft. With the 6-speed automatic transmission, the diesel engine is available with front-wheel drive. All trim levels come with G-Vectoring control. AWD is an option, but it’s not required.

Mazda CX 8 2023 Price and Release Date

The Mazda CX 8 2023 Australia will not change. That works up to a $32,000 price tag for the mid-size SUV. Prices for the most potent variants start at around $42,000. Even if the new model won’t bring any substantial changes, there is one item to note. This CX 8 will be built in the United States, according to Mazda. By the end of the year, production will begin. The 2023 CX 8, on the other hand, will go on sale in December of this year.